Below is a list of presentations I have given over the past several years:

Connecting to Learn, Learning to Connect: Social Networking in the Classroom

Social Networks (like Ning) are a great way to: engage learners, empower all students, enhance dialogue and discussion, connect with classrooms around the school or around the world, promote and share multimedia hassle-free, differentiate by ability level and interest, and enable learners to be leaders in a truly collaborative environment.

Find out how social networks are being used in classrooms at all grade levels (from second grade to twelfth grade) to create globally collaborative projects, engage students at the appropriate learning level, and enhance curricular conversations outside the classroom. Rationale, online safety, planning process and classroom social networking examples and resources will be shared.

Connecting Classrooms Across Continents: Planning and Implementing Globally Collaborative Projects

Ready to “flatten” your classroom walls? Looking to take web 2.0 tools to the next level by developing exciting and authentic projects that allow your students to interact with partners around the world? It may be time to tackle a globally collaborative project in your classroom!

Globally collaborative projects are an exciting way to engage your students in authentic and meaningful learning across cultures and continents. Successfully combining a variety of web 2.0 tools (like blogs, wikis, Skype, IM, social networks, etc) can remove the barriers of time and distance to connect your class with others around the world. Not only do students love to meet their far-flung peers, but learning to collaborate and create in an entirely online and inter-cultural environment will clearly be a critical skill for their future.

Learn how to develop a successful global project - from design and planning to implementation and product, as well as see examples of engaging projects from all grade levels. Tips for success based on learning experiences from past global collaborations, along with resources and samples of current globally collaborative projects will be shared.

Connecting Across Continents
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Making the Shift Happen: Embracing 21st Century Literacy at Your School

Excited about 21st century learning? Already embracing new learning tools in your classroom, but looking to transform your school? Embracing 21st century literacy on a school-wide basis is a complex process. From developing a shared understanding of 21st century literacy to ensuring quality technological infrastructure to embracing a new perspective on teaching and learning at the administrative level, there are many pieces to this puzzle. Get the ball rolling at your school! Experiences and examples from several international schools will be shared.

Makingthe Shift Happen
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Developing the Global Student: Practical Ways to Infuse 21st Century Literacy Into the Classroom

This session will focus on utilizing web 2.0 applications, such as blogs, podcasts, and wikis, to develop 21st century literacy skills within the core curriculum. Metacognition, research skills, and online awareness help students find what they need, learn at their own pace and safely share with a wider audience. How can we incorporate these exciting, motivating skills and technologies into our classrooms? Examples of completed student projects, along with teacher materials and resources, will be shared.

The 21st Century Educator: Embracing Web 2.0 in Your Professional Practice

What exactly do RSS, blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networking and VOIP have to do with your professional practice? How can web 2.0 technologies change the way you learn, communicate, collaborate and teach? This session will focus on practical ways to utilize free web 2.0 tools to develop a personal learning network that will transform your professional practice and open your eyes to new possibilities in the classroom!

21st Century Educator
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